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Madeira Island, (The Pearl of the Atlantic)

This beautiful Portuguese island lies in the Atlantic Ocean, south of Lisbon and can be reached by flight in 1h 40m.

The island is know for is mild climate of eternal spring.

Discovered in 1419 by the Portuguese navigator João Gonçalves Zarco, Madeira's landscape and the irrigation system known by "levadas" are a permanent invitation to adventurous visitors to re discover the island by foot and admire its extraordinary scenery.

Madeira is home for the"Laurisilva", the largest area visible in Europe for this type of vegetation. UNESCO has classified the region World Heritage.

The capital city of Funchal, offers an enormous variety of hotel accommodations.

The Reid's Palace Hotel (*****) here pictured is an island landmark.

Among the distinguished guests that have stayed at the hotel, was the former prime  minister and hero of Britain Sir Wiston  Churchil.

Packages starting at 3 nights stay are available.

You may choose to lodge in a traditional "Quinta Madeirense", these are private homes open to guests, featuring a courteous service, usually offered by families with roots for centuries in the island.

Other hotels from Deluxe,  first and tourist class are featured in our packages at great values.

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