The Porto Wine Tour

Rota do Vinho do Porto

Brief History of the Wine and winemaking

History claims that the Romans started the production of wine over one thousand years ago, when they inhabited the lberia Peninsula.

Roman ruins

In Portugal the first exportation of wine is attributed to king D. Fernando in 1367 to England, which today is still a major market.

Portugal produces annually about 10 million hectoliters of wine, ranking in the 6th position in the worlds production of wine.

The wine and the vineyards have since the Portuguese monarchy times to the present government have deserved special consideration.

In 1756 Portugal became the first country in the world to create a "Região Demarcada" demarcation of the area in which wine could be produced.

Douro River Valley

The vineyards employees almost 25% of the agriculture force. The wine exports contributes to a large slice of the country's economy.

Matus Manor

The Portuguese ambassador wines are the internationally acclaimed Madeira, (produced in the Atlantic island of the same name) and Porto. Other wines are produced in "Regiões Demarcadas" demarcated regions from north to south. There are Portuguese wines appropriated to all sorts of food including exotic ones.

The Atlantic breezes blowing onto the river Douro, the extensive valley of argil soils and the gentile micro climates has formed a perfect combination developing over the centuries great quality grapes.

We cannot forget to mention the exhaustive labor in cultivating the noble vine varieties, on the thousand of miles of terraces often difficult to access to give life to one of the best wines in the world.

Harvest of the grapes

This is a region of exceptional beauty, encompassed by rich history. There are lively towns like Porto, that labeled the wine and inspired the name of Portugal.

The " Rota do Vinho do Porto " comprises over sixty wineries and estates making the precious nectar some still by ancient methods. The "Quintas" agricultural properties, many belonging to the same family for generations, mostly are open to the public and visiting can be arranged.

We will design an itinerary that will take you driving through the heart of the wine country. We offer you the choices to stay in Manor Houses with the flavor of spending time with Portuguese families.

You may prefer to stay at a Palace, a (government inns) or in a cozy hotel facing a spectacular panorama on the Douro River. Reservations are suggested long time in advance due to space limitations.

Welcome to the Wine Country