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Porto’s Wine Country Region

In Spain where it is born in the Highlands of Soria, the river is called Duero, it runs fast between mountains and valleys, smells history, when it baths the town of Tordesillas, the burgh that in 1494, witnessed the treaty that divided the world with an imaginary line between the two super powers of the past, Portugal and Spain .

Douro with Spain in the background

When it gets closer to the high hills of Magadouro in Portugal, the river begins to feel itself Portuguese and changes the name to Douro, never abdicating of its bi-nationality.

Tired of so much running it slows the pace, gradually pauses to contemplate the scenery, the master river is no longer rushing to get to the Atlantic Ocean, the river in fact, might have thoughts of a what an extraordinary scenery and concentrated in the idea how to offer the beauty of this region to the world .

Douro by Vila Real

It might have taken thousands of years, but the idea was firm and time was not of the same importance of today, the river one day of bright sunshine awoke of its long hibernation and declared the vine to surround him and the wine to be presented to the world.

Douro Valley vineyards

The cultivation of vineyards in the oldest Lusitania (older name of Portugal) started in the roman times, very possibly in the Douro valley.

History says that the first exportation of the precious nectar occurred in 1367 to England, during the reign of D. Fernando, the UK continues to be one of the best clients of Portuguese wines, especially Porto wine.

Recognizing the importance of the wine trade the Portuguese crown established in 1756 (prior France) the first demarcated wine region.

Crossing the Douro

The magnificent Douro river scenery can be admired by tourists traveling by car, train or by boat. Wine producing farms are open to the public offering tasting and sales of vintages often at great values .

A minimum of two nights is recommended to visit the region, accommodations are available in the Pousadas in Mesão Frio or Alijó .

The Pousada Solar da Rede is located in a XVII century palace in the style of the master baroque Italian architect Nicolau Nasoni, and its part of a large property of wine producing and overlooks the river Douro .

Pousada Barao de Forrester

The Pousada Barão de Forrester in Alijó, is an adaptation of a Manor House into a pousada located near by the village of Mateus, that become well known in the US because of the popular rose wine. The local palace designed by Nicolau Nasoni, surrounded by immaculate gardens deserves a visit .

In the village of Pinhão, the Vintage House is a four star hotel located on the edge of the river Douro offering great dinning and accommodations.

We will design an itinerary that will take you driving through the heart of the wine country. We offer you the choices to stay in Manor Houses with the flavor of spending time with Portuguese families.

You may prefer to stay at a Palace, a (government inns) or in a cozy hotel facing a spectacular panorama on the Douro River. Reservations are suggested long time in advance due to space limitations.

Let's take a Tour of the Wine Country

Wine in Porto

The Douro reaches the Sea in Porto

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